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Unfortunately due to construction delays TROUGH X LGBTQIA+ CRUISE BAR/CLUB will not open for MARDIS GRAS 2024.

We are edging closer to completion and will be up and running ASAP. May good things CUM.

Please keep watching this space for further developments.


"After years of reductive
Sydney laws and liberties,
we are res-erecting
Trough X to help sex-up
the Oxford St gaybour-
hood once again.

You're welcum!"

All the rumors are true! TROUGH are the new custodians of SYDNEY’S BIGGEST GAY CRUISE CLUB - formerly HEADQUARTERS & TRADE.

After almost 20 years TROUGH X - a Melbourne / Naarm born and raised event, has found its home in Sydney / Gadigal Land where we can finally give the SEX-POSITIVE / FETISH communities an alternative space for cruising, clubbing and dancing all under the one roof.

Over the two decades TROUGH X celebrated and supported the MALE-IDENTIFYING GAY/QUEER communities by providing a safe space inside (now closed) men-only cruise venue - CLUB80 for gay/queer men to dance, socialize and engage sexually, freely and openly at a time where events like these were almost non-existent.

As we enter 2024, TROUGH X is excited to not only enter a new space, but also a new era where inclusivity, diversity and tolerance within the GAY MALE SEX-POSITIVE SPACES has evolved. TROUGH X will embrace this growth and progressiveness by opening its doors to the LGBTQIA+ SEX POSITIVE / FETISH communities.

HOW: Easy! With respect, patience, education and an open mind.
TROUGH X will be open EVERY DAY & NIGHT 7 DAYS A WEEK. On WEEKDAYS we will be open as a BAR / CRUISE CLUB. Throughout the year we will be hosting many exclusive events catering to all spectrum of genders & sexual preferences within the LGBTQIA+ SEX-POSITIVE / FETISH communities.

Most SATURDAYS, TROUGH X will become a DANCE / CRUISE PARTY. Throughout the year inviting a selection of GUEST DANCE EVENTS hand picked from the LGBTQIA+ community. Every SUNDAY we will be hosting our weekly FUCK PARTY. Exclusive to MALE-IDENTIFYING GAY/QUEER patrons.




273 Crown St
Surry Hills NSW
Sydney / Gadigal Land


Bar / cruise club /
special events


Dance & Cruise Party


Fuck CLub

"Our doors & arms are open day & night 7 days a week to give Trough X the flexibility throughout the year to offer events & spaces to not only the male-identifying gays/queers but to the full spectrum of gender and sexual orientations within the LGBTQIA+
sex positive /
fetish communities".


2015 - 2019